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Charity's Home

A Statement from our Founder:

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. We are Charity’s Home, supportive housing environment, a nonprofit organization in Baltimore, MD. We provide housing, programs, resources, and training for homeless children. As a woman who was a homeless teen in the City of Baltimore, I have a heart to create a safe place for children within urban communities to not just live, but to thrive, until they have found a home. Urban cities are often overlooked because many people are looking at the problems in distant countries, while those at our doorsteps are overlooked. Our organization has a vision to establish supportive housing environments in urban cities to make a global impact. 

Vision: Restoring Hope by extending Love to Orphans.

Mission: Providing shelter, life skills, and the love of Christ in safe homes.

Our Vision

Restoring Hope by extending Love to Orphans.

Our Mission

Restoring Hope by extending Love to Orphans.


Be a part of Charity’s Home community:

With your financial donation, Charity’s Home will be able to provide homeless children not only with housing, but a safe space, a loving environment; a community where they will learn and grow.  It will be a place where children’s hearts and mindsets will be melded into knowing their worth and great value. Charity’s Home will be a solution; an answer to their problems, as it is positioned to end cycles of abuse and abandonment.  Your donation of any amount will allow us to purchase the necessary tools and resources to build, staff and fund this endeavor in urban cities and other nations as we grow. Thank you for your generosity! 


Get InTouch

4805 Nelson Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21215

(410) 664-0103

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